Reservation must be made at least 3 days before actual rental date for better accommodation of their desired schedule. Clients who provide a 50% reservation fee shall be given priority. Contact us for reservations.

Mode of Payment

Transactions are done on either cash basis or bank deposit.

Cash Transactions: The client must give the total amount due when the service commences. Additional charges shall be billed upon termination of the service.

Rate Inclusions

All quotations given are inclusive of return fare, gasoline, appropriate toll fees, and chauffeur.

Rate Exclusions

All quotations given are only for an agreed point-to-point service. All other “side trips” will be charged accordingly depending on the distance and road conditions

Duration of Rental

Clients have a duration of ten (10) hours rentals for day-trips within Metro Manila and a duration of twelve (12) hours for day-trips outside Metro Manila.

Overtime Charges

There will be a charge of PHP 200 for every additional hour of extension.

Overnight Charge

There will be a charge of PHP 1, 500 for every additional day. Driver's accommodation will be shouldered by the client.

Vehicle Operator

Only company drivers are authorized to operate the rented vehicle(s). There will be no self-driven rentals.


Company vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance.